Use Cases are narrative descriptions of functional requirements. Although the concept of use cases is present in several software modelling tools, none of them support derivation of prototypes from textual use cases.

The Use Case Editor integrates a set of tools for use cases edition, domain model edition and requirements simulation. Based on use cases and a domain model description, UCEd generates a state model that realizes the use cases.
The state model is then used as a basis to generate a prototype with a graphical user interface to simulate the use cases.  UCEd includes an XMI interface for importation of models developped with other tools.

UCEd is released as an open source project on  UCEd is implemented in Java under the eclipse/SWT platform.  Linux x86 GTK and Windows 98/ME/2000/XP are supported in the current release. Any of the other platforms supported by eclipse can be added.

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